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Cookies Policy

Cookies are small files which are downloaded to your web browsers, computer devices, internet-enabled devices, e.g., smart phone, tablet, etc. They record data and settings, e.g., your present visiting status, language setting, data related to browsing history of your preferred websites and/or applications to enable you to continuously use services that use cookies or other similar technologies.

A cookie will inform us which section of our website has been visited by you so that we can offer you better experience regarding the use of website consistently with your need. In addition, using cookies to record the initial settings of the website will allow you to access the website with such initially determined settings on every occasion of use except where cookies are deleted. In the latter case, all the settings will be restored to the default settings.

Types of Cookies Details
Strictly Necessary cookies This type of cookies is required for the operation of the GPF website to enable you to access information and use the GPF website safely. Therefore, this type of cookies cannot be disabled.
Analytic/Performance cookies This type of cookies helps the GPF to analyze or evaluate performances to enhance the GPF's understanding in interests of users, e.g., processing of number of website visitors, number of pages visited, etc. The GPF will use this data to improve the operation of the website to meet your needs and enhance your visits.
Functional cookies This type of cookies helps the GPF to “recognize” you during your visits and adapt the website to meet your uses and preferences to facilitate you on next visit, e.g., your name recognition, font size adjustment, languages, and other parts of the website pages. However, the data used in processing is anonymous or cannot identify your identity, and personally identifiable information will not be collected, e.g., name, e-mail, etc.
  • Session cookies will be automatically deleted when you turn off the browser.
  • Persistent cookies will remain in your device until it is expired or deleted.

The GPF website may contain links to third party websites or social media. Content or videos sourced from social media such as YouTube or Facebook may also be embedded, which will allow you to access the content and interact with others on social media from the GPF website. Third-party websites or social media may set cookies themselves, which GPF cannot control or be responsible for those cookies. We also recommend that you read and review the policies or notices on the use of cookies by those third parties.

This policy may be updated to properly comply with upcoming rules and regulations. So, to ensure that you get with updated version, we recommended checking this page from time to time.

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  2.  Data Protection Officer : Government Pension Fund
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    Tel. 0 2636 1000
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You can disable the cookies through your browser and privacy settings in order to prevent the cookies from collecting information in the future (more information may be studied from https://www.allaboutcookies.org/

Cookies can be blocked/erased from your browser. Please visit the link below to learn how to perform

Government Pension Fund uses cookies to provide you with a better browsing experience. Detailed information on the use of cookies on this site, and how you can manage them, is provided in our Cookies Policy.