Corporate Governance Policy
Responsible Investment
Anticorruption action

Corporate Governance Policy

Entrusted with an important task to oversee the members’ savings, Committee of the GPF and our staffs are steadfast in managing the Fund on the basis of good corporate governance, ethics, and code of conduct. Every division of GPF operates thoroughly, carefully, and honestly, with a comprehensive set of measures against conflicts of interest. We place a top priority on risk management and the monitoring of operations to ensure our absolute compliance with the rules and regulations. In addition, as an institutional investor, GPF serves as a responsible investor and shareholder by participating in the shareholder meeting of all entities in which we invest. This is in order for GPF to provide comments and suggestions in line with the principles of good corporate governance and uphold fairness to all shareholders. The involvement of GPF also prompts these enterprises to be more mindful of environmental, social, and governance factors in business practices, which contribute to sustainable development.