Policies and objectives
Corporate Risk Management Guidelines
Annual Risk report

Policy and Objectives

Government Pension Fund (GPF) realizes the importance of an effective proactiveintegrated management system throughout the organization. This is in order for GPF toachieve its objectives amidst the continuously changing and volatile business environment. The Committee of the GPF has approved the use of the principles of Integrated Governance,Risk, and Compliance (iGRC) in the organization. iGRC aims to integrate good governance throughout the organization, with an effective risk management, and appropriate regulatory and policy compliance monitoring. In addition, policy coordination, cooperation, and systematic data analysis across the three aspects of iGRC with the help of information technology are vital, with the intention of consistently adding values to the organization.

       In this respect, GPF, as one of Thailand’s key institutional investor, is well aware of its duty to invest responsibly for the members’ long-term benefits, along with to uplift confidence regarding investing in Thailand from all over the world. As such, GPF prioritizes investment analyses which focus on Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) factors,which will build positive sentiments on GPF’s sustainability and long-term performances. In addition, GPF also agreed and signed on the Securities and Exchange Commission’s (SEC) Investment Governance Code (I Code), and continually develop ESG Investment strategies. In 2018, GPF built ESG-Focused Portfolio in which all the invested businesses passed the GPF-ESG Standard Criteria. GPF also organizes seminars on “ESG Investing”, in collaboration with OECD, World Bank Group, PRI, and UNDP, where we also participate as a recurring speaker.