งาน กบข.
กิจกรรมต่าง ๆ
GPF Logo

The Government Pension Fund’s logo was carefully designed at the Fund’s inception in 1996 to reflect the determination and commitment to effectively manage the fund for the benefits of its members.

The stylized letters "กบข" (translated as "GPF") in gold placed above "กองทุนบำเหน็จบำนาญข้าราชการ" (translated as "Government Pension Fund") in blue represent prosperity created upon the foundation of integrity and stability.

"The logo of GPF was designed to resemble a gold bar, the contours of which are shaped to form the letters “กบข” (translated as “GPF”). The gold bar represents prosperity, which is in line with GPF’s main function: to manage members’ contribution to generate maximum returns.

The inclusion of the letters "กบข" (translated as "GPF") in the logo makes the most straightforward reference to the Fund as "กบข" ("GPF") is the abbreviation of "Government Pension Fund" in Thai. The timeless simplicity of these letters also works very well for the logo.

The intertwined letters convey a sense of graceful movement which can denote a positive cash flow or liquidity of the Fund. The connectedness of the twisted letters makes the logo multi-dimensional, resembling a sculpture."

Assistant professor Chaiyanan Cha-Umngarm, Faculty of Decorative Arts, Silpakorn University

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