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Corporate Governance Policy on Investment

The operations of GPF, since its establishment in 1997, have been improving in all aspects, including the number of members, the amount of capital, and the number of staffs. After having been in operation for some time, the Committee and the Office of GPF, under the leadership of the Secretary-General, mutually agreed that GPF should clearly define the scope of roles and responsibilities of both branches. The functions of the Committee shall be as listed in the GPF Act and in accordance with the international best practices in overseeing the members’ money, while the Office should be agile in their management under the rules, policies, and principles set forth by the Committee. Thus, the Office has formulated the "Corporate Governance Policy on Investment" by which the Committee, the Subcommittee, the Secretary-General, executive officials, and staffs abide. The rules, policies, and principles on the operations of GPF follow the international best practices in retirement fund management. Moreover, GPF has determined that the Corporate Governance Policy on Investment must be revised in the event that a significant change occurs in investment policies and regulations. This is in order for our members and stakeholders to be promptly informed of our operational policies on investment in each phase of the plan.